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Pure Essential Oil White Carrot - 500ml


Pure Essential Oil - White Carrot


While radish is not exactly recognized as skin food, it can actually do wonders to your skin. This is because raw radish is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that protect the skin from aging and environment related damage.



Radish is very good for the liver and the stomach

it purifies blood. cleans the kidneys and inhibits infections

good for skin



White Radish and Gynecology benefits of white radish

Many benefits vegetable off Chemical content of the tuber, including vitamin A, B1, B2, niacin, essential oil, choline, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and oxalic acid. As for the leaves contain essential oils, vitamin A and C and the seeds contain 30-40 percent fat oils and essential oils. These substances contain antibiotic against some bacteria and antioxidants.


Benefits of White Radish

The benefits of radishes are flatulence, dysentery, constipation, frequent belching, airway inflammation, cough. In addition to address influenza, high blood pressure, heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis and asthma, gas poisoning charcoal, cassava, and food mushrooms, radishes can prevent cancer, kidney stones, hardening of the liver, Lukar burns, ulcers, eczema, skin puree, and reduce excessive appetite.


White Radish benefits to treat ulcers 

Blender or grated horseradish root to taste

Add white rice vinegar

then apply on the boil


White Radish benefits for treating eczema 

Prepare the horseradish that has been shredded

Add ginger ale to taste

Stir and then apply on the affected part


White Radish benefits for burns caused by hot water 

Prepare 100 grams of grated horseradish root

Then apply on the wound


White Radish benefits for treating asthma 

Prepare 200 grams of radish tubers

Later in the juice

Add 50 cc of boiled ginger juice to a boil

Add honey to drink water while warm


White Radish benefits for cough 

100 grams of radish tubers

9 grams of mandarin orange peel

boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc

then filtered and drunk while warm


White Radish efficacy for treating whooping cough 

25 grams of the dried seeds lonak

plus finely ground sugar and warm water

and drink 3 times a day

Or use 100 grams of radish tubers

5 grains of white pepper and honey to taste steamed and eaten


White Radish efficacy for treating dysentery 

100 grams of dried radish leaves

boiled with water to boil and becomes thick

and drunk as tea

Do it for 3-5 days

If the dysentery of long standing, dun use radishes plus enough chicken meat and then cooked into a soup

eaten after being cooked


White Radish efficacy for treating lung disorders accompanied by coughing up blood or nose bleeds 

100 grams of white radish tubers

juiced and drunk

Do it every day


White Radish efficacy for gastrointestinal disorders 

200 grams of radish tubers

fruit angco

cooked into a soup and drink 1-2 times a day


White Radish Efficacy for Influenza 

250 grams of thinly sliced ​​radish tubers

sugar to taste

boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 300 cc

Filtered and drunk warm


White Radish efficacy for reducing excessive appetite 

200 grams of radish tubers

200 grams of carrot root

in the juice and drink


White Radish efficacy for treating heart disease 

250 grams of diced radish tubers

30 grams of fresh leaves of the gods boiled with 800 cc of water to the remaining 400 cc

Then filtered and the drinking water 2 times a day

Every time I drink as much as 200 cc


White Radish efficacy to cope with flatulence 

150 grams of radish tubers

5 grams of dried mandarin orange peel

3 eggs clove

Cinnamon 1 finger

5 grams of nutmeg and cardamom 3 eggs

boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc

filtered and drunk the water


White Radish efficacy for Lowering high blood pressure

100 grams of fresh horseradish root juiced

taken 2 times a day every time I drink 150 grams

Or 100 grams of turnip bulbs and 1 grated apple and take water

Use water to blend 75 grams of celery

add mandarin orange juice and sugar to taste

then taken regularly

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